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You've found Mr/Mrs Right, Now you need to find the Right Wedding Videographer

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

If you're struggling with deciding who to book as your wedding videographer, then here's a few tips on finding the right one for you.

Your wedding day is one of the most important and happiest days of your life and you hope to forever hold on to those memories for the years to come.

Now you may remember the embarrassing moment when your dad gave his speech and exposed your childhood secrets or revealed the (too much info) details of how you came into this world, though, however good of a memory you may have, you cannot always remember the small details of your wedding day that you had spent hours, days and even years planning and preparing, and let's not forget that the day goes by in a flash! Well at least it did for me, though....I did have 3 days of wedding celebrations!

What Style of Wedding Film Suits You?

If you are going for a particular theme for your wedding, such as vintage for example, you may want your videographer to also adopt this same style. A good videographer will understand your wedding style and theme and convey this in your wedding film.

If you are the type of couple that don't like unnatural poses and overly edited films, you may want to consider a traditional style of videographer. This style of approach is more natural looking and would usually be edited in chronological order.

Our films focus on Cinematic films that tell your story. We understand that your wedding day is not a filmset so we take thoughtful consideration into the technology we use and the approach we take in capturing your special day. We use the best 4K resolution cameras available on the market that are not cinema size, but give you cinema like colours and sharp images, so you don't have to worry about us taking up half the space on your dance floor!

What are the key features of a cinematic film? For our cinematic films, we use licensed ambient, instrumental music to suit our couples. What's more, we use actual ambient audio from your wedding day as well as audio from the readings at your ceremony and speeches at your reception. Like when your guests are in hysterics as your best man lets slip a few of the antics on the stag do, or the applauds after the registrar announces "you are now husband and wife".

Not only is great audio important to a cinematic wedding film, but also making sure to capture true emotions unobtrusively so that your guests don't shy away as soon as they spot a camera on them and that's exactly what Capturedit films is all about!

Some Videographers keep to one style of film, whilst others are able to accommodate various styles of film, so I would suggest that you visit the videographers website and watch their films to see if their style/s match your wedding theme and vibe!

What Do Other Couples Say About Them?

It may go without saying but do your research, I guess if you're reading this then you have already made a start!

So many people often book a service or buy a product in good faith without researching or reading reviews, to only be disappointed with the service or end item - I know I certainly have in the past.

Remember your wedding day is not a day that can be relived so there's no take 2 for the videographers so it is super important to book with only reputable trusted videographers that will capture your big day the 1st time, without missing every key moment. Like when you both say "I Do", or as you dance as Husband and Wife to your favourite slow jam for the first time.

Read reviews, challenge videographers - ask them how many weddings they have filmed, what their past couples say about their service!! As great as their wedding films may look on their glossy website, you want to make sure you are booking with someone that pays attention to providing a great service, and is someone able to easily work and communicate with your other suppliers such as the Photographer, your Wedding Planner and Registrar.

"Couldn't recommend Capturedit films any more highly. Offered a quality service and delivered a top quality video to capture our special day. You didn't even notice they were there and captured everything that happened on the day." Liam & Neamh, Copdock Hall Barn, Suffolk

How Much are You Open to Spending?

Aside from the Wedding Venue and Catering which come in as the most largest expenses for most weddings, wedding Photography and Videography are the next most expensive thing to consider, which is why a lot of couples tend to either book a Videographer way in advance to spread the cost, or leave it last on the list and then see what's left in the piggy bank.

Whilst Videography can be pricey, the good thing is some Videographers offer a staggered pricing structure based on the different packages they offer. If you are squeezed on your budget you could just find a package that's affordable for you. You should consider that some things that you might just expect to come as standard in your package, may not be the case so you should always ask and have a written contract to know exactly what your agreed package includes.

Questions you should ask, how many videographers does my package include? What length is the film? Will I get a full film of my ceremony and speeches? How many hours of the day will you cover? How will I receive my film?

Budget is of course a big factor in most cases, but I think it is fair to say that generally the more money you are prepared to allocate to a videographer, the better professional standard of film and service you will receive.

In summary, decide on the wedding film style you like, do your research and look for a reputable videographer in your area or that is willing to travel to you. Try and find a balance between quality and budget. I know it can be hard but finding that right balance will definitely be worth while and you will see a big difference in quality of work. Lastly and most importantly, make sure you get on enough with your videographer to want to spend the best part of 12 hours with them on Your Wedding Day!


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